Don't let the Civilian Job Market intimidate you. Tailor & Target your job search, resume, and interviewing effort. We will mentor and coach you through each step by showing you how to leverage your military experience and knowledge to obtain the job you want. You must treat the job market like a battlefield by using Battlefield Résumé Methodology (BRM). We know you have the skills; we know you have the drive and passion; we know you have the stamina to succeed. We won't let you quit or give up on yourself and will work with you to  develop an employment strategy that will give you an advantage over other applicants.

What we offer:  

  1. E-Learning
  2. Employment Books
  3. Military to Civilian Leadership Transition Books
  4. Employment Assistance
  5. Transition "U" (Leadership Transition)
  6. Transition "U" (How To Sell)
  7. Customized Training

The word "Battlefield" is a descriptive term we use to describe the Battle a prior military member encounters when trying to find a job. Transitioning into the "civilian" workforce is not easy. Prior military personnel encounter stress and anxiety when transitioning into the unfamiliar and often times unforgiving job market.  Using the term Battlefield secures an undeniable and unified effort to Get a Job. Battlefield Resumes, LLC focuses on providing prior military, transitioning military, and veterans with proven employment assistance.

Experience You Can Trust

Employment Success
*The following statistics are based on clients who responded to the 2012-2015 survey.
82% - Contacted by a Recruiter within 3 months
82% - Interviewed for the job they Targeted
99% - Received "High Quality" service during the process

We help prior military personnel and their spouses obtain the civilian job they want at the highest salary possible. If you have served in the U.S. military, whether it was in the National Guard, Reserves, or Active Duty, and you need help finding a job, developing a cover letter and resume, assistance in practicing your interviewing techniques, or transitioning your leadership style into a powerful civilian Manager, we are the place for you.

Have you ever been asked "What job do you want?" or "What job are you interested in?" and you don't know how to respond? Have you been asked for your resume, but are not confident that it actually shows anything that supports the job you want? Are you tired of applying for jobs and never hearing back from the anyone?

Learn from our mistakes and make sure you don't step into a "battlefield trap." We will help you and teach you how to focus your energy efficiently into a productive direction; how to gain an advantage over other applicants. Basically, we will teach you HOW to get hired.

Have you been given so much advice that you don't even recognize your resume anymore? Have you been told to forget everything you learned in the military and translate it into "civilian language" if you want a job? Or, have you been told that you will have to change who you are as a person if you want to get hired?"

Battlefield Resumes, LLC was created just for you. Why? because all of the above statements were told to us when we transitioned from the military into the civilian workforce. We thought it was rude then, and still can't believe our veterans are still being told the same. 

Why are we a different company than you 've ever seen before?  Because we want you to stay true to yourself; don't change who you are and definitely don't forget where you came from.

We developed Battlefield Resume Methodology (BRM) because we felt that transitioning military personnel, like ourselves, should use what they learned in the military to gain an advantage over other applicants.

We believe in you and greatly value you and your family's service in the support of this great country.

Duty, Honor, Country


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Helping prior military & Transitioning military personnel obtain a "CIVILIAN" job at the highest salary possible.