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Employment Success

*The following statistics are based on clients who completed the BRM process & responded to the 2012-2015 survey.

82% - Contacted by a Recruiter within 3 months

82% - Interviewed for the job they Targeted

99% - Received "High Quality" service during the process

Don't let the Civilian Job Market intimidate you; treat the job market like a battlefield and use Battlefield Resumes to help get you a better job. You know you have the skills; you know you have the drive; you know you have the stamina to succeed. Now, let us help you develop a strategy so you can get the job you deserve.

Are you tired of being told that you...

Have to tailor your resume in order to get a job, but was never told HOW to do it.

Have to translate your military experience into a civilian language, but was never told HOW to do it.

Have to network in order to get a job, but was never told HOW to do it.

Have you been asked "What do you want to do?" or "What job are you looking for?" but was never told how you should answer this question.

Do you feel upset because no one prepared you for your transition, although the same statements and questions are always asked?

If you want the same camaraderie & teamwork to fight this "Civilian Job War" as you had in the military, then let us help you.

​​​Upcoming Events:

​​April 29-30, 2016, Atlanta, GA

Resume Writing Seminar

Warriors to the Workforce  Career Fair, Atlanta, GA

May 3, 2016, Key West, FL

Federal / Corporate Resume Writing Discussion

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Battlefield Resumes helps Vets and Non-Vets. The word "Battlefield" is a descriptive term we use to describe the Battle for a Job. Using the term Battlefield secures an undeniable and unified effort on each individual's immediate objective to Get a Job.

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