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Bruce Benedict
Major, US Army, Retired
Owner, Battlefield Resumes
Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW)
Certified-BRM-Federal Resume Writer (C-BRM-FRW)

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Employment Success

*The following statistics are based on clients who completed the BRM process & responded to the 2012-2015 survey.

82% - Contacted by a Recruiter within 3 months

82% - Interviewed for the job they wanted

70% - Hired for the job they deserved

99% - Received "High Quality" service during the process

Respondent quote: "I had been applying for positions for almost a year with very little success (call-backs); however, after using Bruce's services I immediately noticed employers started calling back. I even had two employers make comments about the quality and layout of my resume. Bruce's services were a big part of obtaining my current position."

​Respondent quote: "I would recommend this company to anyone wanting a career in a competitive market these days, who wants a stellar resume that will stand out above the rest to get the job that you desire."

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